Influences on an author by Alan Black

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Avid reader for many years and online bookseller since 2007. Sci-fi fantasy fan for 30+ years. Books have long been my faithful companions and now I pursue that passion by trying to find them good homes.

2 thoughts on “Influences on an author by Alan Black”

  1. Dumas! Adventure! Who can deny the sheer joy of adventure? But I totally agree with the concept of Westerns and Science Fiction being, in some ways, very similar. They both deal with concepts of exploration and adventure. One explores the past, the other the future, so time is an element of both and if we look at Star Trek and Firefly, both shows incorporated elements of both genres to enthrall their audiences. I love learning more about Alan and I see that he and I have some loves in common.

    1. Oh, I very much agree. After all, Star Trek does start with “Space, The Final Frontier” Science Fiction particularly space travel and colonization lends itself well to a western theme.

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