Month: July 2018

Books We’re Excited For!

Yet another edition of Books Duncan’s Books and More is excited for! This week we have two authors that we’ve been looking forward to their release date. First up is Tim Marquitz. Not only is Tim a good friend who is endlessly supportive of other authors but he is an awesome author. His newest book, […]

Books We’re Excited For: “Thrawn Alliances” By Timothy Zahn

For our next release we are excited about, we are delving into our mutual love of Star Wars. While I have not read all of the old books and was a bit unhappy that Disney decided to delete so many from the collective backstory of Star Wars as many authors put a lot of time […]

CoKoCon 2018: First of a Kind

We are so excited for this week’s post! We are finally about a month and a half out from our newest event and it is one we have been heavily involved in. This last year, we joined the group WesternSFA, which is a group focused on Science Fiction and Fantasy here in Arizona. After joining, […]

Books We’re Excited For

Another edition of Books We’re Excited For!! Since we focused on one of the author’s we’ve worked with at events for our last post, we thought we’d share another exciting piece of book news for another amazing author, Jenn Windrow, who’ve we’ve worked with at various events around the Valley, in particular with the Amazing […]

Books We’re Excited About: Breath by Sara Francis-Fujimura

So Duncan and I are excited to bring a new subject to our website. We’re going to start talking about books we’re excited to see release. Since the site is Duncan’s Books and More, we want to feature more about books and about authors as well as books we’re excited to see out among the […]