Best of 2018 Wrap Up

2018 has been a busy year, both in events the bookstore has attended and in the entertainment we have reviewed. We have had a blast this year providing books, both new and used at the various events around the Valley of the Sun. I can’t really do a best of events but I can say we have the best fans and readers who visit us and buy from us and our authors. We hope to see you all next year as well and look forward to more exciting events!

Entertainment, on the other hand, is much easier to rate. While some of the movies have not been posted on Duncan’s Books and More, I do want to share my best of this year both in movies but most importantly, in books.

For books, I was super busy but there are some recommendations that stand out. First, I really recommend T.L Smith’s Star People. While it is a novella, it is riveting and full of fantastic characters. I also loved Seanan McGuire, both her newest in the October Daye series but also her Wayward Children Series. She is a phenomenal writer and I have not found a single title that I don’t like. I also have to include Gini Koch in my favorites this year, with her novel Aliens Abroad, full of action and space travels.

I know Duncan would recommend Beth Cato and Tom Leveen, both fantastic authors with engaging worlds and diverse characters.

Movies were much more prolific for me this year but I’m only including my favorites.

First on the list is Black Panther. Not only was it a fun superhero movie but it broke new ground with it’s worldbuilding and diversity. The story did follow familiar ground but added new elements.

The next film that is among my favorites this year is Green Book. The movie is up for awards, which is unsurprising given the sheer genius of the actors, Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali. The film is supremely well done, funny, dramatic and full of beautiful moments between the characters. This is my pick of the year for best film and is also the pick of the Phoenix film critics. If you haven’t seen it, you should. It is well worth your time.

Another favorite of the year was The Incredibles 2. I loved the original and the sequel was one of the best I’ve seen, adding new content to the world and allowing us all to enjoy some of our favorite heroes once again. I especially love Jack-Jack and Frozone!

The next film that blew me away was Welcome to Marwen. It is Steve Carell at his best with a dynamic cast supporting him. While it is unusual in that it is not a comedy, it is a charming drama with quirky charm despite the darker subject matter. While I know it is not for everyone, it is worth watching for the acting and the insight into a real person as this is based on a real story.

Finally, of my picks for the year, the final selection is Aquaman. While there are films that have a better plot, this is one of the most entertaining. Jason Momoa owns that role, he is the perfect Aquaman and while it is not a perfect film, it was a thrill ride from start to finish which interesting characters and action that kept me on the edge of my seat. It is a blast to watch and Jason Momoa totally rocked!

If you have picks of your favorites for the year, tell us about them. We welcome your feedback and hope to hear about some of your favorite books and movies of the year. Welcome to 2019 and we’ll see you among the stacks!

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