Book Review: Burning Sky by Weston Ochse

Trained To Kill. Haunted By The Past. Fighting For Their Souls.
Everything is dangerous in Afghanistan, nothing more so than the mission of a Tactical Support Team or T.S.T. All veterans, these men and women spend seasons in hell, to not only try and fix what’s broken in each of them, but also to make enough bank to change their fortunes.
But seven months later, safely back on American soil, they feel like there’s something left undone. They’re meeting people who already know them, remembering things that haven’t happened, hearing words that don’t exist. And they’re all having the same dream… a dream of a sky that won’t stop burning.

Up until now I’ve not really jumped into the military sf subgenre. Not because I was avoiding it really, but more because I just never got started with any of the names that are prominent. Now I really wish I had so that I could compare this amazing book with others like it. My biggest take away is not only do I want to read the next book but also other books by this wonderful and friendly author. I definitely got that elusive buzz of an author who’s voice hits the right key and keeps me wanting to read. Characters that grab hold and don’t let go. Twists and turns that seem to turn what I thought I knew was going on on its head with an ending that leaves you craving the next book. Wonderful storytelling and great action. I am hard pressed to not grab the next book and start reading. Highly recommended.


Rating: 5/5 Rifles


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Updated: February 10, 2020 — 11:31 PM

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