Book Review: The Breeding by Avily Jerome delightful urban fantasy

Book Review: The Breeding by Avily Jerome

Realm Awards 2019 Finalist! Parable Awards 2019 Finalist! Realm Makers Book of the Year Finalist! Jack might be crazy, but maybe the demons in her head are real… Detective Jack Davidson thinks she went crazy the night her fiancé died in a car crash. Monsters no one else can see or hear cause her constant torment. All logic insists the monsters are byproducts of her trauma, yet she can’t shake the hunch that her hallucinations aren’t all in her head. Then, she discovers that what she’s experiencing is somehow related to her fiance’s last case. When she investigates, she uncovers a plot that involves human trafficking and babies that may not be completely human. In order to save more women from being taken, Jack has to accept that the demons in her head might actually be real. Just as she thinks she’s getting closer to answers, her most powerful enemy targets her best friend. Now Jack must fight against the forces of Hell itself to stop her city from being taken over while trying to protect her best friend—but how can she stop something no one else believes is real?

I continue my trek through the worlds of my local authors. For February I read The Breeding by Avily Jerome. A well written and enjoyable urban fantasy read. Romantic elements without being a romance centered story. Small shift in pace near the end makes it feel a little rushed in the last few chapters, but overall satisfying ending. Leans a bit heavy on the Christian mythos for my personal tastes. Overall definitely a recommended read.


Rating: 4/5 Demons.


My next read is Here, There Be Dragons by James A Owen.

Until next time, See you among the stacks.


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