Books We’re Excited About: Breath by Sara Francis-Fujimura

So Duncan and I are excited to bring a new subject to our website. We’re going to start talking about books we’re excited to see release.

Since the site is Duncan’s Books and More, we want to feature more about books and about authors as well as books we’re excited to see out among the shelves.

The first book we’re going to feature is Sara Francis-Fujimura’s newest book, Breath, which releases tomorrow, July 4th.

Now, Sara is a dedicated and wonderful author. She is also one of my favorite authors, because of her boundless energy, her love of teaching writing, and what a positive person she is. I am certain readers are going to love this new novel. One of the aspects I like is that it is a historical. I love history and I am sure this one is going to be good!

Borrowing Sara’s words from her website: Sara is the American half of a Japanese-American family. As she says on her website, she spends a month each summer at her in-laws’ house in rural Japan with her family. So it’s no surprise that she writes about Japanese culture and raising bicultural kids for such magazines as APPLESEEDS, LEARNING THROUGH HISTORY, EAST WEST, RAISING ARIZONA KIDS, and MOTHERING, as well as, writing travel-related articles for the book TO JAPAN WITH LOVE. She has been a professional freelance writer and creative writing teacher for over a decade. Along with school visits, she has done presentations for SCBWI-Arizona, SCBWI-Japan, Girl Scouts, Desert Rose Chapter RWA, ONEBOOKAZ, TechPHX, Phoenix Comicon, and at several anime/manga/Japanese culture conventions. She is passionate about literacy and supporting the next generation of writers.

Prior to Breath, Sara previously published Tanabata Wish about Phoenix-native Skyler Doucet’s whose plans with her BFF are ruined when her mom and Japanese stepfather move the entire family to Nagoya, Japan for the summer before her senior year. But when David Takamatsu, a biracial Japanese-American boy, invades Skyler’s space (and her heart), this fish out of water in Japan starts to wonder if it’s the pond back home that might be too small.

If that description doesn’t get you excited for Sara’s newest release, check out her own words about Breath.

Step back into herstory….

After being pressed into service as a nurse, seventeen-year-old Virginia discovers her innate talent, begins a clandestine romance with her father’s Italian assistant, and learns what it truly means to be a modern woman during the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918.

If you’re interested in her book as much as we are, you can go to:

You can also go to Sara’s own website to check out the rest of her work and more about her.

Besides our new releases we are excited for, also be on the look out for more book reviews and author spotlights. We want to share our love of books and the authors we love to all of you!

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