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Another edition of Books We’re Excited For!!

Since we focused on one of the author’s we’ve worked with at events for our last post, we thought we’d share another exciting piece of book news for another amazing author, Jenn Windrow, who’ve we’ve worked with at various events around the Valley, in particular with the Amazing Wyked Writers at Phoenix Comic Con.

Jenn Windrow, author of the Redeeming Cupid Series, Struck by Eros Book 1, Pierced by Venom Book 2, Pricked by Thorns Book 3 as well as Evil’s Unlikely Assassin: An Alexis Black novel, has gotten the rights to all four current books restored back to her. What does this mean?

Jenn’s now officially a self published author which means we wanted to talk up her books, especially as an independent author, reviews and promotion help even more! We are super excited! Her books create passion in her fans, with her particular brand of sass and snarkiness. She’s hoping to have number four, Evil’s Unlikely Assassin back up on Amazon by the middle of next week.

If you like smut and romance along with sass, I suggest you look for all her books. Her books are fun and feisty! Jenn writes sexy like nobody’s business and I just know this new chapter is going to be a blast, bringing excitement and fun to a whole new group of readers! I know I’m looking forward to her updated and even better edition of Evil’s Unlikely Assassin as soon as it releases on Amazon! Paranormal at it’s best!

Check out her website for more news on her books and writing!
You can also find her on Facebook at Jenn Windrow or find her on Twitter @JennMWindrow

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