CoKoCon News Update #2

CoKoCon News Update #2


CoKoCon #1 is this weekend! Registration opens at 3 pm Friday August 31, 2018 with programming starting at 5 pm. You can find me in the Dealer’s Room which opens at 6 pm. The signings will also kick off at 6-7 pm Friday featuring Avily Jerome and David Lee Summers. Bring your own books or stop by the Duncan’s Books and More table and purchase their books through us. The Dealer’s Room will be closing at 8 pm Friday and Reopening at 10 am Saturday. Saturday’s signings start at 11 am and continue through till 7 pm. Each signing time is 1 hour. Signings start Sunday at 10 am with Steve Rude and continue through out the day till 7 pm. Monday’s signings will start at 12 pm and continue till close of the Dealer’s Room at 4 pm.

The Author Guest of Honor signings will be:

Beth Cato Saturday 2 pm – 3 pm. I will have copies of The Clockwork Dagger, The Clockwork Crown, Deep Roots, Red Dust and Dancing Horses and other stories, Breath of Earth, and Call of Fire available for purchase.

Harry Turtledove Saturday & Sunday 3 pm – 4 pm. I will have The American Empire series, The Atlantis Series, How Few Remain, The Supervolcano Series, The Great War Series, The Hot War Series, and The World War Series.


Quantities are limited, but if you are unable to attend CoKoCon but would like to order signed books from any of the attending authors I will be selling books by or working with please contact me no later than 5 pm Friday August 31st to ensure your best chance at getting your desired books. If you are attending, please stop by the Duncan’s Books and More table say hi and let me know you enjoy the blog.


Keep an eye out for my review of Hellworld by Tom Leveen which is planned for Thursday August 30, 2018 at 6 am PDT.

Next Week we’ll give you our recap of how CoKoCon #1 went and look at what’s next for Duncan’s Books and More.


Until then, See you among the Stacks.



Updated: August 27, 2018 — 9:41 PM

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