Duncan’s Recommended Reading: Omnihumans: Within A Concrete Labyrinth by Tom Leveen

Duncan’s Recommended Reading: Omnihumans: Within a Concrete Labyrinth by Tom Leveen

He’ll sacrifice anything to save these children. . . except being human.

The world became aware of them sixty years ago: people with remarkable physical and sometimes psychic powers, often with terrifying deformities. Most folks call them deviants; deevs for short. Rejecting the slur, they call themselves omnihumans.
Manic is a federal officer tasked with taking down allegedly dangerous deevs. He loves his job, and he’s damn good at it. He’d wipe ’em all off the face of the earth if he could, because he believes every deev out there is a threat to mankind, just by their very existence. Not everyone agrees with him, though, including his only child—a naïve college girl who has devoted her life to protecting the civil rights of those very same deviants that he hauls in off the streets.
When his daughter’s tuition funds suddenly run out, Manic accepts a high-paying, off-the-books gig assassinating individual deevs. But after learning a deviant he’s killed was hunting down gangsters trafficking in the minds and bodies of human children, Manic decides to inherit the deviant’s quest.
Manic’s identity and clarity of purpose are thrown into chaos when he uncovers the concrete labyrinth where the gangsters are doing their dirty work. There, he finds a vigilante deviant who’s also trying to destroy the organization. Manic discovers deevs may be more human than not, as it becomes irrevocably clear that rescuing these most innocent of humans may not only cost Manic his life . . . but his humanity . . .
Award-winning author and Bram Stoker Award finalist Tom Leveen introduces you to a world far too much like our own in this gritty, supernatural noir novel.


I’ve raved before about how much I enjoy reading author Tom Leveen’s YA books especially his dark fiction/horror works. I still have one book sitting in TBR stack and several more to pick up. When he announced he was releasing an adult supernatural noir novel I was definitely interested and placed it at the top of my list to read as soon as I could. I was not disappointed in the least. Plenty of action and a clear call to examine one’s own biases without being heavy handed or preachy about it. The ending definitely left me wanting more and questioning if this is the last we’ve heard from the world of Omnihumans. Another highly recommended read and a book I proudly carry in my store.


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Rating: 5/5 Omnihumans


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