Fearcon 2019: Horror, Film, and Fun

Fearcon 2019 was the first year we attended this horror film festival and we had a blast. We wanted to check it out and received tickets from a friend who was unable to attend. Thanks to her generosity, we had the opportunity to check out the event and find out what it is all about.

Fearcon runs two days, Friday and Saturday in Tempe-based Sun Studios of Arizona. This year it was October 18 and 19th. Due to work, we couldn’t attend Friday so we got down early on Saturday. Our first stop was “At the Movies” presented by Len Berger and sponsored by CokoCon. Len ran a series of horror trailers of films coming out in the next few months, quite a few that we discovered that we wanted to see, thanks to the clips. Afterwards, there were free goodies for the attendees such as t-shirts, hats, and bags with stickers, pins, and keychains.

We strolled around the dealer’s areas, chatting with friends, like Dark Art Kreations and Hal Astell. We didn’t purchase anything but I did find the variety of options interesting. There was everything from jewelry to makeup, purses to art, everything goth and dark, all fit for a true horror fan.

Next up was a selection of international short horror films. Each lasted anywhere from 2 minutes to twenty. The entire lineup is written up in the Fearcon official program and after the films are over, participants are asked to select their favorite film to be voted on as the Fan Favorite of the festival. Besides the International short films, there are two feature films and a set of local short films. Each is presented in a theater viewing room and participants can enter the room at any time during the film if they don’t mind braving the dark and remember to be quiet for those watching.

After the films, we got dinner. One of the nice perks that the festival offers are two food trucks out front to choose from. While we dined away, having the option to eat on site is generous. In addition, there is a bar upstairs where you can get drinks and sit to eat your food. It was a nice place to get away before panels.

In addition to the films, Fearcon has panels on with different focuses on horror. Set up in one of the studio sound stages, the discussions kept us busy. We attended two of the presentations. The first one, Cin’blaq, was a history of African American in Horror with panelists Dineta Williams-Trigg, Fred Williamson, and Ken Foree. Both Fred Williamson and Ken Foree are actors known for their roles in horror, Fred Williamson (The Hammer) for “From Dusk ‘Til Dawn” and his film company while Ken Foree is best known to horror crowds for his role in Dawn of the Dead. Both men not only answered fan questions but kept the audience completely entertained with their take on the history of African American in horror.

The second panel we attended was the Awesomely Awful: Revenge of the 80’s with panelists, Hall Astell, Michael Flanders, Jim Miller and Sarah Anne Stubbs. Each panelist selected two movies that are guilty pleasures from the 80’s which may not be the greatest but are loved. The audience watched the trailers for each film and tried to guess which film it might be, after which the participants explained why the film was selected and what each thought of it. There were several we had never heard of but it did give us a watch list and some movies to avoid!

All in all, we had great fun on our day of film and I totally would love to come back next year for more scary chills and movie fun!

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