In Memoriam and more

So I realized that I haven’t posted yet this year. Things have been a bit hectic and I have struggled a bit with thinking of what I wanted to talk about.

Well for me, January ended up being a bit of a mixed bag. On the one hand my wife Andrea won a scholarship to the Amazing SDSU Writer’s Conference. A great opportunity for her to learn about the writing craft and an excuse for me to get away for a weekend vacation. She had a great conference and I got time away from the distractions of home and got a good bit of reading and relaxation in.

Sadly while we were enjoying our weekend in San Diego we were also losing a friend. Local author, friend, and first author guest blogger Alan Black died on January 21, 2017. Though I had only known him a few years, he was a fun and funny guy to be around. He was also one of my best and most encouraging authors to work with at local events. He appreciated that I took care of the money and taxes and let him concentrate on talking to his fans. As he said, he “Never met a good story I didn’t want to tell.” His lovely and equally wonderful wife and editor Duann Black has promised to take over and offer Alan’s books at events. Far more eloquent people than I have said wonderful things about Alan and I agree with them all. He shall be greatly missed.

This was not to be the only personal loss I would suffer in January either. A long time and very dear friend went in for heart surgery and devastatingly never recovered. After several days of not responding well, her family had to make the decision to let her go. A friend who very much lived up to the friends are family for me, she too will be very greatly missed.

And finally after research, I’ve come to the conclusion that the only way I can raise the capital I need to acquire more inventory and make this website and blog into everything I’d like it to be is through crowdfunding. To this end I recently started a gofundme If you would like to assist in my endeavor, know that anything is greatly appreciated. Please share it to your social media sites and anyone you think might be interested in helping a little bookstore to become a bit less tiny.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts and I’ll see you among the stacks.


Updated: February 18, 2017 — 10:21 PM

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