LepreCon 44 Recap

LepreCon 44 Recap

This past weekend June 22-24, 2018 saw Duncan’s Books and More at our second ever LepreCon. I once again tackled the job of On-site Dealer Liason as well as bookstore. It was a little more challenging since it was only my second time taking on this responsibility for the convention and previously spots had been assigned before I took over. I made a small error in assigning dealer spaces that was worked out thanks to some very understanding dealers. Ultimately I’ve learned some lessons and have ideas for how I would handle things in the future and should I ever take on the task of setting up the room myself.


Overall I’m not sure what kind of numbers the convention had, but the Dealer’s Room was quite slow and I ended up spending a fair amount of time chatting with some of the other dealers. Surprisingly with just 10 customers I did manage to make back table cost and a small profit. Sold a few Magic Meeple Games I carry, a few books for a couple of my authors I was working with and a wonderful return customer who bought Touched By an Alien at WesterCon loved it and picked up the next 6 books in the series.


I want to say thank you to all the vendors who joined us and made for an entertaining event: Jean’s Beads(also at my very first event as a vendor), Moebius Enterprises, Vixen’s Cosplay Closet Boutique, DragonWolf Crafts, Random Factors Filk Music, Great Minds Think Geek, Pixel & Graphite, Massoglia Books, Dark Art Komics, Gun Bird Entertainment & Publishing, and though they were off in the game room our official merch dealer Scribbled Hollow. I hope to see them all again at future events.


I also want to thank the authors who continue to believe in and support my little business: TL Smith(no, not the erotica writer the one who writes kick ass military sci-fi from the female perspective), David Lee Summers, Hal C F Astell presenter of odd films from around the world, Jamie Wyman, and Tony Padegimas. You all are wonderful to work with and look forward to future events with you.


Finally to cap off the fun of the event, I made a connection with Author GoH Maxwell Alexander Drake thanks to good friend and wonderful moderator Edward Pulley. I now have 2 books on writing by Drake signed and soon to available in my store and upcoming events. Sometimes the best part of this bookstore gig is connecting with authors I didn’t previously know. Also Military sci-fi buffs might be interested to check out the Man of War series by H Paul Honsinger available in my store. He was gracious enough to sign all my stock for me. I think I’m getting the hang of this get the authors to sign your stock thing.


That’s all for now. Till next time,

See you Among the Stacks.



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