Love Among the Ruins by Deena Remiel: Fantastic Characters

Time travel, an Anasazi princess, a fabled Irish sea god and a vengeful Italian ghost – four stories that prove love knows no bounds and lasts forever.
Burning Sage – Volcanologist Sage Wilcot’s heart has lain safely dormant until she meets Emmanouel, the immortal prince tasked with redeeming a vanished civilization—and who is set upon igniting passion in her body and soul.
Immortal Dance – During the summer solstice, true love crosses space and time to find an ancient Anasazi princess who must choose between him and her people’s ancient traditions.
Fiona’s Choice – A modern young woman on the coast of Ireland, widowed too soon by the death of her sailor husband, is visited by the fabled Irish sea god Lir…and true love.
Haunting Solace- Haunted by a vengeful ghost in Siena, Italy, Stella will find her seemingly eternal torment exchanged for love by a handsome visitor.

Each of these short stories by Deena Remiel has its own subtle flavor but the one unity is that each deals with a supernatural love and each has a sweet quality of pure romance.
What I loved best is that even in the short story format, the author does an incredible job of fleshing out the main characters and making them resonate on the pages of the story. Each character is distinct and interesting and Deena Remiel does a fantastic job of illustrating personalities through action and dialogue rather than exposition. Everything in each story is balanced well and the pacing is quick.

The steamy scenes are presented well, heating up the pages of the stories without detracting from the overall flow of the story. The love scenes are balanced well with developing relationships. And despite the shortness of the stories, those relationships work well. There is one that is love at first sight which isn’t my favorite kind of love story but in the setup, it still works well with how the author presents the situation.

I love the supernatural elements. All are well researched and true to what I know of each type of supernatural type presented.

My only real critique is that I’d have loved more story of each partnership. The stories are well developed but I would have loved more.

If you like romance and paranormal elements, this is the perfect way to get to know Deena Remiel and her writing. While each story is short, it encapsulates a full story and romance, each sweet and romantic.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Ruins

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