New CD’s by Alexander James Adams

So one of the wonderful parts of CokoCon 2019 was getting to meet the Filk Guest of Honor Alexander James Adams. It was truly a delight getting to have him in the Dealer’s room next to Duncan’s Books and More. Alexander has been working as a musician for over forty years, creating transformational and inspirational music. Heir to the music and legend of Heather Alexander, Alec performs her music, and his own with a style that goes beyond reality and into the imagined. He was authentic, funny, and amazing to speak with and interact with.

Listen to his music at:
Support him at:
Find him at:
Twitter: @ryuuaja
Instagram: @ryuuaja

We loved speaking with Alexander and out of that interaction, we received an opportunity to purchase some of the CD’s that he had available for sale. Now, not only do we have books, we have beautiful music to offer. Along with Alexander’s music, we also have Heather Alexander’s CD’s, including one where she and Alexander perform music together. The music is original, masterful, and full of songs. Please look over our inventory and if you love music, buy a CD or maybe three or four!
Get your CD’s here:

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