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When I started this little blog/website it was with a mind to try and increase awareness of my little bookstore. I decided that I wanted to be broad enough in topics to be free to talk about what my friends out there were doing including a couple of artists I knew and loved their work. I had not done any work of my own for at least 10 years and didn’t even think about that changing. Recently I began to get that creative urge again and I decided to bring back and rebrand an old cartoon drawing of mine as a sort of mascot for the bookstore. Thus was Bookworm born.


I don’t remember exactly when I started out drawing what I initially called No Neck(a joke my father clearly didn’t get when he tried to explain the term to me), except that I know it was some time prior to 1989. As you can see from my first two Bookworm samples here, he(or she in the case of Bookworm Medusa) is simply a head with a very long neck emerging from a hole. For Bookworm this is in a book resulting in a fun loving riff on the title of the book. My initial inspiration was to poke at Touched by an Alien by Gini Koch. I’ll admit I was a bit concerned how she might react to my little gag. Happily she liked my art and seems to understand it is done out of love for the series. Below is my hand drawn and colored piece.



Next I decided to tackle Medusa Uploaded in honor of Emily Devenport being the Local Author Guest of Honor for CoKoCon 2019. This presented a couple of challenges for me. First off I had to figure out how I wanted to convey the “Uploaded” portion. Since uploads/downloads are traditionally indicated by an up or down arrow, I decide to go with the snakes pointing upward, including a pair of “snake eyes”. Thus those who don’t know me can get a hint of my goofy humor. Secondly I’d always draw this character with a bit of a caricature of “manly” traits, a big chin and solid jaw line. I wanted to try and slim these down a bit and present a more feminine look since it was after all meant to convey Medusa. The snake hair presented its own challenge that I hope to have carried off fairly well.

Having finally returned to making art, I decided to start promoting my Patreon. I have decided to use it for early previews, WIP, and some exclusive content. Currently there are just 2 tiers that amount to how much support patrons wish to show for my art and business. More may come, but for now I’m looking to keep it simple. If you want to show some support, you can find it here: Become a Patron!

So the official announcement is Bookworm as Medusa Uploaded will be available as a limited run metal bookmark starting at CoKoCon 2019. I will only have a limited number of them printed and when they sell out, that’s it. If they don’t sell out at CoKoCon then I will make them available on my Squareup store and events till they sell. I also will be having my Touched by an Alien piece printed, but will print more depending on popularity as well as a few of the watercolor bookmarks my wife creates. Those will be available to view on my Patreon.


I hope that my art can brighten your day and bring you joy. I’m trying not to compare myself to anyone else since it’s a contest I feel I would handily lose. It’s meant to be a stress free expression and I plan to hold myself to that. If any of you are coming to CoKoCon 2019 I hope you will stop by and see me in the Dealer’s Room and check out everything I have to offer.


Until next time, See you among the stacks.


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