Phoenix Fan Fusion 2019: AWW-some Authors and Wonderful Friends

Phoenix Fan Fusion 2019 held a lot of special times for Duncan’s Books and More and our Amazing Wyked Writers/Artists. We had a fantastic time this year and wanted to share some of the highlights.
First, load in and load out, much better this year, possibly because I knew a bit more about the process and had friends in the line who could explain a bit more about how it all works.
We had a great time with our AWW authors and artists. This year we added in several new faces, including a few artists, and those new faces not only seemed to have a good time but hopefully, enjoyed themselves as much as we enjoyed having them there. There were ups and downs, changes we can make for next year but we loved helping our authors/artists.
Both Duncan and I got opportunities to check in with author and friends. I got books signed by Seanan McGuire and picked up her new book, Middle Game. I also was able to get another graphic novel signed by Wendy and Richard Pini, picked up an art print to support them. Duncan headed upstairs and chatted with Yvonne Navarro and Weston Ochse. I also had the chance to say hi to the amazing and kind James A. Owen who is always so nice to see.
Of course, none of this would happen without our wonderful helpers. We had our number one, Aimee, who was the cashier. We had Julie and James who were runners, Rick and Brenda and several young teens, children of our authors or usual runners who helped out. Every one of them contributed to our success.
We had our raffle bingo game again this year and once again, we had a lovely fan, Maralynda Remalia. Not only is she a fan but a member of the Browncoats, a member of the Blue Ribbon Army but she also didn’t just play the game but also bought books from several of our authors. She had a blast playing the game and like last year’s winner, she totally was thrilled to have won. We delivered her prize winnings to her at her home since she was unable to attend the last day of the convention due to a family barbeque and was so grateful to us. I can’t wait to see who wins next year!
Of course, without our fearless Baroness, Terry L. Smith, who organizes everything, who gathers our authors/artists and coordinates with Phoenix Fan Fusion, nothing would happen at all. Terry is our best client and we really couldn’t do this event without her. We love her and all our AWW members. We can’t wait until next year to do it all over again but until then, we are going to crash and sleep for a week.

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