Phoenix Fan Fusion: One more week!

The 2019 Phoenix Fan Fusion is quickly approaching. One more week and Duncan’s Books and More wanted to give all our readers and customers a post about our wonderful AWW group and our pop up bookstore.

I’m sure some of you already know that we’ve been working with the Amazing Wicked Writers for four years, heading out to Phoenix now Fan Fusion every year with our group of authors. This year is our fifth year and there are some fantastic changes for our fifth anniversary.

This year, Amazing Wicked Writers is also Artists Wildly Working, thanks to our organizer and head Terry L. Smith, who not only is an amazing Science Fiction author with incredible jewelry but is branching out into art. Her work is great and I know you all will want to buy it as soon as you see what she has been up to. Now, we will introduce our Amazing group.

First up we have some of our original group that began five years ago. Of course, this includes Terry L. Smith aka T.L. Smith who began the group and is in charge of all the participants. She writes mythology/science fiction fusion, sells jewelry to match her books, and now has art, paintings again continuing the theme of space mythology fusion. Check out her website at

Also from that original group, we have DuAnn Black, who was her husband Alan’s editor. Alan left us two years ago but DuAnn continues to offer his novels and had the writing bug bite her as well, creating her own works of fiction. Between Alan and DuAnn, they offer general fiction, science fiction, and fantasy. Read more at

Next of our returning champions from that first year is Dr. Bruce C. Davis. Dr. Bruce writes science fiction and brings his wealth of trauma room experience to his nonfiction, writing about his experiences in the medical field. He works with small press Brick Cave Media. His work and information can be found at

Our last from four years ago is Hal C F Astell, writing nonfiction, his work relating to film and pulp culture. Hal watches the bad movies so you don’t and then he writes about it. Look him up at

Next our some of the authors that have joined us over the last few years. First from that wonderful group is Deena Remiel. Deena writes paranormal romance and suspense. She is a true romantic at heart. Find her at

Then we have the lively and energetic K.C.Klein. The lovely K.C writes science fiction and romance, a blend she effortlessly pulls off. She is a dynamo and you can find more about her at

Up next is Jenn Windrow writing urban fantasy and paranormal romance. Her sense of humor comes across in every word and her sassy attitude. Find out more at

Among our ladies, we have Sara Fujimura who has a knack with romance and YA. Her books range from historical YA to modern day and her work connects with all ages. Check out her website

J F Castillo will return this year. Her fantasy is her passion and if you like, she will tell all about her amazing stories. Check her out Not your average happily ever after.

Lest we forget our male contingent, next we have The Klute, writing poetry about sharks, for sharks, and all proceeds go to support sharks. He will also be hosting a Poetry Slam over the weekend so look for him on Facebook, and his website,

We have Ross Caligiuri writing thrillers. Ross was a big hit last year and fans will enjoy seeing him back this year. Look him up at

Also returning again this year is Patrick Tylee. Patrick is another of our science fiction authors but since each author is unique, you will still need to come by and hear about his work. His imagination soars to heights and you can hear more at

Joel Cunningham is another of our nonfiction authors, writing self-help. He is dynamic and positive without being saccharine which is a big plus for a self-help guy.

Among the new artists/authors is our next, Lego creator extraordinaire Mariann Asanuma who creates her art using Lego@ as her building blocks and has written about her process as well. Check out her website:

We have author David Lee Summers, a veteran of Phoenix Fan Fusion. David writes Steampunk, science fiction, and horror. David has a unique voice and a way with Steampunk in particular. Look him over at

Among our artists, we also have Mark Rude who writes and draws comic books as well as writing fantasy. Check him out at

In addition, we have new artists, John B. Newsome III. Look over his visionary work at

David Morgan is our next artist. David is working on an art/comic book and his work is an amalgamation of different inspirations. Follow him on Instagram or Facebook at dmorganart.

This is all for now. We may have more surprises and you never know what last minutes changes or additions could happen before the big weekend. For more, watch for more announcements on Facebook. At Phoenix Fan Fusion, you can find us in Artists Alley in Row A1701 -1814. We have an incredible group this year, along with a great raffle for our customers. Come check us out and you could win prizes but most of all you could discover new artists and authors.

See you among the stacks!


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