Review: That Ain’t Witchcraft (InCryptid Book 8) by Seanan McGuire

Frankly, I’m completely biased when it comes to Seanan McGuire’s writing. That said, I want to talk about her newest in The Incryptid series, Ain’t Witchcraft. This is the eighth book in the series, along with short stories set in the universe. The series focuses around the Price family who rebelled against the Covenant of St. George as monster hunters and became cryptozoologists protecting the strange and hunting only the monsters that are killing humans.
This book is the third novel with Antimony Price as the main protagonist but this time, she’s learning to lean on her friends, Cylia and Fern while growing comfortable with her boyfriend Sam. However, she’s still on the run from the Covenant and their wonder boy Leonard Cunningham. So the group finds a safe place to stay for the winter. Only it’s not that safe and Annie finds herself doing the unthinkable, teaming up with Leonard to save not only a new friend but the entire world.
Seanan has a way with characters, plot, and worldbuilding. I haven’t found any novel yet that I didn’t like. This novel is no exception.
First the plot is captivating. Starting out you have the dilemma of Annie on the run and not able to go home. I couldn’t see a solution but was waiting for the end game we get in this novel. While I don’t want to give away whether it works, I think readers will love the thought that goes into the story.
The world is amazing. The diversity of species of cryptids and the amount of research that Seanan McGuire puts into building the universe is what makes the story so believable and compelling. The depth of details makes me love the stories, especially since I love mythology and fairytales, all of which are entwined in the universe.
Most of all I love the characters. Antimony is complex, strong willed, sarcastic and full of spunk. The supporting cast is equally interesting, with even the bad guys being three dimensional with motives that are far from black and white. The supporting characters have their own strengths and weaknesses but have their own purpose to the plot and more than mere appendages to the main character.

All in all this is a fantastic, fun, and engaging read with a completely satisfying ending. The plot is full of twists, the worldbuilding is full of rich details and the characters are believable in their motivations and feel like real people. I completely recommend this novel and the rest of the Incryptid series.
Rating: 5 stars

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