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You Should be Reading: Neal Stephenson

You should be reading: Neal Stephenson Why? Do you like deep plots with complex characters? Do you find coding, linguistics, history, genetics? Do those sound like odd things to write books about? If you’re intrigued or these are your cup of tea, keep reading: Coding: Snow Crash, The Diamond Age, Reamde Snow Crash is credited […]

You Should be Reading: Drew Hayes

This is our new series of book reviews written by our newest contributor, HColleen. This is her take on books she’s read and we are more than happy to welcome her! This is her first review for the site so we hope you enjoy it! You should be reading: Drew Hayes Why? Do you like […]

Phoenix Fan Fusion: One more week!

The 2019 Phoenix Fan Fusion is quickly approaching. One more week and Duncan’s Books and More wanted to give all our readers and customers a post about our wonderful AWW group and our pop up bookstore. I’m sure some of you already know that we’ve been working with the Amazing Wicked Writers for four years, […]

Book Review: The Year of Lightning by Ryan Dalton

Book Review: The Year of Lightning by Ryan Dalton. When 15-year-old twins Malcolm and Valentine Gilbert moved to a new town, they never imagined that the old house across the street could bring them so much trouble. Inside the old house, a secret machine with the power to pierce time has reawakened. Meanwhile, lightning storms […]

Book Review: I Swear My Roommate Is a Vampire by Arabella Thorne

Ever declare bankruptcy? Don’t. It sucks…. Okay, really bad joke. Anyway, after my bankruptcy, my home equity line payment took a jump into the ozone layer and I needed extra money, fast. So, I decided it was time for a roommate. After screening lots of potential candidates (let me tell you, what a real life […]

Book Review: The Disciple and Other Stories of the Paranormal by Gini Koch writing as Jemma Chase

Book Review: The Disciple and Other Stories of the Paranormal by Gini Koch writing as Jemma Chase A time-traveling vampire hunter. The search for the hottest place on Earth. A salvage hunter at the edge of the galaxy. A maze that grows more terrifying with each turn. And someone trapped in a deadly game of […]

Book Review: A Cup of Joe by Gini Koch writing as Anita Ensal

When Emily smiles at David, the Chosen One, as if he’s a normal person, his sheltered existence plunges into terror and deception, forcing him to see that the world might not be as perfect as he’s always believed. If the choice is between love or perfection, which would you choose? Time again to talk about […]

Tempe Fancon 2019: Fans and Fun.

Tempe Fancon is rapidly becoming one of our favorite events. It was just this last Saturday and it went fantastically, both from interactions with old and new customers to time spent with old friends. Setting up went really well. We got everything unpacked quickly and set up. We got to be next to our friend, […]

Out and About: Tempe Public Library Fancon 2019

Our next event is rapidly approaching. I can’t believe it’s January already! Our next out and about is Tempe Public Library Fancon 2019. Tempe Library will be hosting the event on Saturday, January 26th from 10:00am-4:00pm at3500 S. Rural Rd.Tempe, AZ 85282. They will be hosting fun events for kids like Costume contests and will […]

Best of 2018 Wrap Up

2018 has been a busy year, both in events the bookstore has attended and in the entertainment we have reviewed. We have had a blast this year providing books, both new and used at the various events around the Valley of the Sun. I can’t really do a best of events but I can say […]