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Shazam!: Family and Fun

“Shazam!” is all about family. Whatever others may write about it, at the heart, it is about connection, family, and togetherness, wherever you find your home and whoever your family is. I found it heartfelt, lighthearted, funny and one of the best DC movies, right up with Wonder Woman and the best of the Marvel […]

Review: “Kubo and the Two Strings”: Immersive and Unusual.

Back when “Kubo and the Two Strings” was released, I had the chance to review it. While it is no longer streaming, it is available on Amazon and the DVD can be bought. With that being the case, I wanted to revisit this beautiful, animated film and tell you what I thought about it at […]

Review: “The Incredibles 2” Worth the Wait

I’ve waited fourteen years for this sequel. I LOVE the original. It is one of the best pieces of animation along with some of the best voice actors around with one of the best superhero plots, better than some comic books and I wanted more a long time ago. Suffice to say, that this sequel […]

Review: “Deadpool” Irreverent and Full of Heart

I loved Deadpool. It was funny, it was messed up and it was all about love. It was one of the most popular movies of all time. Now, they’ve made a sequel. My first thought was not whether they could pull off a film as good as the original but how, how were they going […]