Tempe Fancon 2019: Fans and Fun.

Tempe Fancon is rapidly becoming one of our favorite events. It was just this last Saturday and it went fantastically, both from interactions with old and new customers to time spent with old friends. Setting up went really well. We got everything unpacked quickly and set up. We got to be next to our friend, Darkart Comics and of course, on our other side was our author, Natsuya Uesugi.

Even before the event officially began, we saw fans walking around in costume, checking out the different vendors. The morning was a bit slow but we had someone scoop up the set of Walking Dead Graphic novels. We had a lot of repeat customers stop in and say hi, check out the inventory. As it approached eleven, I kept watch over Natsuya’s table while he headed off to a presentation he was part of, on designing comics.

Once noon arrived, we had more and more people stop in. We sold several of Gini Koch’s books. One set of customers had her postcards and had met her when she only had two books out, yet had never picked up the books. So they grabbed the first two to finally check them out. We sold another couple along to way to other customers behind on the books and let our repeat customers know that we could get signed books from Gini. We ship them to her, which increases the price a bit but can get personalized signatures. We also sold all of our Buffy books as well as a couple other books. We were also excited to have sales for Natsuya of his cyberpunk series.

We enjoyed our day, had lively conversations about books and loved our time at Tempe Fancon 2019. We especially want to thank the Tempe Library for having us out once again and providing space for a small bookstore. Much love and appreciation to the hard work of Jill Brenner, the coordinator of the event and her team of fantastic volunteers. Every year it gets better and better. We hope the event continues for years and we know we’ll be back next year already. See you among the stacks!

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