Tempe Library Book Festival Wrap Up 2019

This weekend, Duncan’s Books and More popped up at the Tempe Library Book Festival for our fourth year in a row. We were excited to be working with Natsuya Uesugi of natsukoarts.com and happy to be part of the book festival again.

Our Saturday began with loading in and being greeted by Jill Brennan, librarian in charge of the event. As always, she was awesome to work with, happy to see us, and completely made sure our day was successful. One of the things that sets this event apart from others, for us at least, is how much Jill cares about promoting the authors that come out for the event and how much she supports both the authors and bookstores like us, promoting literacy in all its forms and excited to get readers out to the event. She saw that many independent authors didn’t have the platform to have book signings so she stepped up with the Tempe Library Book Festival to help fill that void. Her caring and love of literacy, of authors, is why we enjoy returning each and every year.

We had a fantastic day with readers excited to purchase both our books and Natsuya Uesugi’s work. Natsuya was lovely to work with, always a joy. He is both an author and an artist, creating the artwork for his graphic novels by hand. If you haven’t checked out his work, I totally recommend it. It features a diverse characters as well as helping to promote and raise money for homeless youth. He works hard and much of his time is helping to create outreach programs for youth in need.

We also had the opportunity to catch up with other authors, like Sara Fujimura and Tam Chronin. Both ladies had their own space. We’ve worked with Sara and are friends with Tam but it was great to see friends out at this busy affair, even briefly. We had many visitors to our booth, many taking cards and some taking home books for themselves and others. It was a beautiful day, both weather and event combined.

Our next event is the Mesa Book Festival on December 14th at the Benectine Campus. We will be supporting authors with the pop up bookstore for those authors who didn’t wish to have their own booth. If you can, come out to support both us, the book festival and literacy.

See you among the stacks!

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