Unveiled by Jamie Wyman-Witty and Delightful

Technomancer Catherine Sharp has an extensive resume. Rewiring celebrity panic rooms. Doing IT work for the best casinos in Las Vegas. Completing server repair. But nowhere in her job description does it say she’ll be investigating grisly murders. However, a girl is dead, and the gods are calling for the head of her killer. And the deity who owns Cat’s soul has demanded that she lead the hunt.

Adding to the fun, a team of ruthless mages is scouring Sin City searching for a magical veil that they think Cat possesses. By hook or by crook, they will get the relic, no matter how many bodies they must leave in their wake. One little problem, though…Cat doesn’t know what or where the veil is.

With two mysteries to solve, and the gods growing impatient, Cat knows she has little time to piece together the flimsy clues. Now, she must enlist the help of her best friend and his new girlfriend, put her trust in one who has betrayed her, and wade through some murky family secrets, before she winds up worm food herself…

Place your bets, for the truth is about to be unveiled.

After finishing the first book, I was hard pressed to wait to read the next. Thankfully, I had all three on hand and as soon as I had a minute, I began the second. Much like the first, Jamie Wyman excels at pulling you deep in the story within the first few pages and the pacing doesn’t let you breath until the last word. But there are some differences.

First, we’ve already met the main character, Catherine Sharp. We think we know what she’s all about or do we? In this novel, Catherine is now working for Loki and Loki has a job for her. The problem is that she may not be up to it. Cat is still learning about her new found techno mage abilities and she isn’t as proficient as she needs to be for this job. Thankfully, she has friends, both new and old, to help her out, along with a face she isn’t certain she can trust. It is in Cat’s interactions with her friends and enemies that this novel shines.

Jamie is excellent at building characters, both intriguing main characters and delightful secondary characters. Even the mysterious life of the dead girl develops who she is and why she was killed. We learn more about Cat’s new abilities and throughout the novel, she begins to learn to handle her abilities and grow. In addition, we learn more about Flynn, her best friend, and we get fantastic secondary characters that you fall in love with even as they all struggle to survive to figure out the mystery of both the Veil and the killer of the girl.

The mystery aspects are woven well with the action. We are never spoon fed the answers and there are pieces of the puzzle that are teased out until the very end. If you pay attention, you may figure out some aspects, especially if you are a student of folklore and mythology, but Jamie utilizes mythology to dole out the clues about the Veil and about the killer. And the ending may just surprise you with what the truth actually is.

If you love mystery, action, and wonderful characters, along with stories involving Gods, this is the novel for you. Even if you haven’t read the first, you can enjoy the second book. But you’ll like it better seeing the growth in the main character from the first book to the second. I loved the first, loved the second and am picking up the third as I write these words.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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