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Welcome to the Duncan’s Books and More Books & Entertainment Blog. My intent is to start a discussion about books and other forms of entertainment. I hope to show a little more of who my guest bloggers are and generate interest in their books without the constant “go check out these books”. Disrespectful or off topic comments will be deleted. This is my space to encourage reading and other forms of entertainment and I am the ultimate arbiter of what content I feel appropriate. The current plan is do have a weekly post on a given topic. I want to encourage guest posts from the many amazing authors I know and welcome topic suggestions from readers. Most of all, I want enjoyable lively discussion about the topic at hand.

That’s all for now. Unleash the suggestions. See you among the stacks.


Updated: September 15, 2016 — 10:15 AM


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  1. Awesome! I suggest favorite books or series.

  2. Hi Duncan–the site looks great!

  3. Let me try this again–Hi Duncan, this is Erin. Just wanted to say the site looks great!

    1. Thanks Erin. I appreciate it. Hoping to grow it into a fun place to talk about books and other entertainment and introduce people to the amazing authors I am lucky enough to know and work with occassionally.

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