You should be reading: Keri Arthur

You should be reading:

Keri Arthur


Do you like slow burn romances? Do you like your sex without the guilt olympics or disrupting the plot? Do you like vampires, werewolves, other supernatural creatures, conspiracies, and badass heroines? If this sounds like your sweet spot, keep reading:

Slow burn romances:
Series: Riley Jensen Guardian, Dark Angels
First books: Full Moon Rising, and Dark Angels respectively
Set in the same universe, both are slow burns (9 and 7 books respectively) where the main character is thrust into a mystery and with a system set against them. Both take the entire series to figure out their mystery and romantic entanglements. Dark Angels starts about 25 years after the end of Riley Jensen Guardian. Riley Jensen is a Dhampire (half werewolf, half vampire), Risa (the main character of Dark Angels) is half werewolf, half Aehd (an ‘angel’).

Other supernaturals:
Series: Myth and Magic, Souls of Fire
First books: Destiny Kills, and Fireborn respectively
Myth and Magic deals with various kinds of dragons (water and air) that are able to take human form. Souls of Fire deals with phoenixes, again who take human form. The dragons are trying to escape a research facility. The phoenixes are pairbounded, but must find their romantic partner for this incarnation since a curse prevents them from finding love with each other while trying to combat a plague that turns humans into feral vampire type creatures.

Series: Damask Circle (though all could fall in this category)
First book: Circle of Fire
The Damask Circle is a group of supernaturals who try to protect the world from others who could and would destroy it, be they vampires, witches, or monsters. Each book of the series follows a different pairing to solve part of the mystery that they need to resolve.

Badass heroines:
That is what she writes, all of her heroines are strong, self-sufficient, but can also be vulnerable and are well rounded, fully developed characters, which makes them fantasy fulfilment (as superheroes and romantic main characters are supposed to be).

My first series was Riley Jensen Guardian. I’d read another vampire hunter series and became so irritated by the sex and plot interrupting each other and the guilt Olympics that I threw the last book I’d read of that series across the room (and I love books, so that tells you something). I tried Full Moon Rising and savored the fact that the main character was absolutely unapologetic about enjoying sex and that the sex scenes flowed with the plot and where they didn’t matter, they were glossed over. I also really like that her twin brother wasn’t straight and no one really cared, it wasn’t an issue, just a relationship dynamic to explore. Riley doesn’t want to become a Guardian, a supernatural law enforcement officer with powers of judge, jury, and executioner. Because of what she and her twin are, they’re both targeted by agencies trying to recreate vampires without their weaknesses, which the two appear to have. I also liked that the series had a definite ending instead of being dragged out ad infinitum.

Next came the Myth and Magic series, which was quite interesting, to read about shape shifting dragons and how they relate to their element (water/cold, air/heat) and how they relate to the world around them. Destiny escapes from a laboratory in Loch Ness and manages to get to Washington, though she meant to get to Maine to see her father before he died, to release his soul into the afterlife. She had help escaping and he died when they reached shore, his body disappearing with the dawn. She then finds his brother and he helps her keep away from the researchers still tracking her.

Souls of Fire was quite interesting, too. Phoenixes were cursed that their phoenix life mate would not be their lover, though they must be together. They have to find a human lover each incarnation, which is complicated because they must remain with their life mate, leading to misunderstandings and complications, though all they want is to be happy. This pair becomes embroiled in a conspiracy to replicate vampire immortality but instead creates blood-hungry monsters that spread their disease via bites but without the control brought by a functioning mind. Those infected become part of a hive mind and are used to hunt those who stand in the way of the main mind.

The books are quite interesting, as romances and as stories. Neither the story nor the romance interfere with each other but rather support each other. Even if you ‘don’t like’ romance, these are excellent stories, worth reading.

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