Book Review: Call of Fire by Beth Cato


When an earthquake devastates San Francisco in an alternate 1906, the influx of geomantic energy nearly consumes Ingrid Carmichael. Bruised but alive, the young geomancer flees the city with her friends, Cy, Lee, and Fenris. She is desperate to escape Ambassador Blum, the cunning and dangerous bureaucrat who wants to use Ingrid’s formidable powers to help the Unified Pacific—the confederation of the United States and Japan—achieve world domination. To stop them, Ingrid must learn more about the god-like magic she inherited from her estranged father—the man who set off the quake that obliterated San Francisco.


When Lee and Fenris are kidnapped in Portland, Ingrid and Cy are forced to ally themselves with another ambassador from the Unified Pacific: the powerful and mysterious Theodore Roosevelt. But even TR’s influence may not be enough to save them when they reach Seattle, where the magnificent peak of Mount Rainier looms. Discovering more about herself and her abilities, Ingrid is all too aware that she may prove to be the fuse to light the long-dormant volcano . . . and a war that will sweep the world.

Originally posted October 23, 2018

Hello again readers, it’s Duncan once again with yet another Beth Cato book review. This week I share my thoughts on Call of Fire.

Thus far, I have loved Beth Cato’s writing style and Call of Fire was no different. Beautiful descriptive writing and thrilling action sequences. Picking up just one day after the end of Breath of Earth, we find Ingrid and her friends making their way first to Portland then later to Seattle in a desperate attempt to evade the dangerous Ambassador Blum and learn more about the terrible power within Ingrid. Along the way they are aided by Ambassador Theodore Roosevelt and encounter numerous magical beings. Among these are a Thunderbird and later slyphs.



Having been born and raised in the Southwest, I had a particular thrill at the appearance of the Thunderbird. These many touches add to the beautiful world of the Blood of Earth series and bring so much joy to the read. I was swept along as Ingrid risks herself to save those she cares about in the dangerous game she is trapped in while trying to learn how she came to possess such power. I love the use of strong characters that don’t follow stereotypes while not shying away from the very real history of how people have been treated throughout the world and in the USA in particular. The continued themes of the price and consequence of power and the willingness to sacrifice for those you care about are ones that resonate strongly for me.



I continue to highly recommend this series and enjoy the writing style immensely. Look for my review of the conclusion of the trilogy Roar of Sky. The entire series is available signed in the shop. E-books available at



Rating: 5/5 Slyphs.



Until next time, See you among the stacks.


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