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“The Bikeriders”: Dramatic and Powerful

When I saw the trailers for the film The Bikeriders, I knew immediately that I wanted to see it. The powerful images and the impressive cast enticed me as well. What I hadn’t anticipated was just how dramatic and powerful the film would be, with the cast giving outstanding performances one and all.  “The Bikeriders” […]

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Thelma: Delightfully Funny

I like different, especially in movies. I’m always looking for something that’s going to be entertaining but add a different point of view. When I heard about Thelma, I was excited because in this film, the main hero is an elderly woman. When I got the chance to watch the film, I found it as

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“Back to Black”: Emotional Gut Punch

I love music and there is no one who isn’t at least somewhat familiar with Amy Winehouse and what happened to her so I was incredibly curious about this movie. There was a lot I was unfamiliar with but after watching the film, I felt like I was hit with an emotional gut punch as

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“The Idea of You”: Charming Performances

I’ve liked Anne Hathaway even as a young actress. In “The Idea of You”, she plays the older woman, a far different role than she’s taken on before and I wanted to see what that looked like. In addition, Nicholas Galitzine has been outstanding in the performances I’ve seen him in. Together, the pair have

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“The Fall Guy” Thumbs up Action and Fun

Ever since I saw the first trailers, I knew I wanted to see “The Fall Guy”. Not only did I watch the original tv series with Lee Majors but from the trailers, it looked like Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt were going to be comedy gold together. When I finally got the chance to see

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“Challengers” Exhilarating Intensity

I was certainly intrigued when I first heard about “Challengers”, especially because of Luca Guadagnino as director. But I was equally curious how Zendaya would do in a new project where she is in a more center stage role. After watching this film, I found it has an exhilarating intensity, fast paced with a palpable

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“We Grown Now”: Beautiful and Poignant

I always look for films that will give me a different or better perspective on other’s, to open my world a bit and allow me to experience through film what others might encounter. This film really unveils the housing of Chicago, how the war on drugs impacted the families living in that housing, especially the

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The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare: Flawlessly Executed

I love Guy Ritchie’s films. I had a friend who loved heist films and got me into his movies. Suffice to say, I’m always entertained when I watch one of Guy Ritchie’s films. So I expected The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare, especially with the cast involved, to be entertaining. But it goes far beyond that,

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“Shayda”: Beautiful Authenticity

I was intrigued when I read about this film. It seemed like it could be painful in some ways to watch but also offered insight. I also like seeing films where viewers get to experience events from another person’s perspective. After watching the film, I was captivated by the beautiful authenticity, the excellent performances and

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