Book Review: DeadTimes by Yvonne Navarro



For fans of Quantum Leap And Touched by an Angel, We present DeadTimes…Mae Johnson desired too much. …She made a deal with a demon to live again.…Now she’s cursed to live over and over, see-sawing into people’s lives at the moment of their deaths, thrust into maelstroms of violence and emotion without any warning. As she strives to survive and do the right thing, she finds herself sometimes forced into evil acts, recognizing that she has become a game piece used in the eternal game of good vs. evil. DeadTimes is about what someone will do to live again. DeadTimes is about the nature of right and wrong. DeadTimes is about what death leaves behind. DeadTimes is about real people. DeadTimes is a book about life. And it goes on forever…


Originally posted October 1, 2019


I continue my trek through the wonderful worlds of the amazing authors I’m lucky enough to have connections to and count as friends. This week I showcase the long overdue for honoring Yvonne Navarro. My only regret is having taken so long to add her to my reading list.


DeadTimes is wonderful story about life and what one woman will do to have more. Each chapter presents only a year and leaves the reader to discover with Mae Johnson where she is and how to navigate the life she has taken over with only scattered memories that slowly appear. Wonderful use of historic times and places and a thrilling journey with just a hint of magic. Wonderful use of language and suspense. A beautiful ending that never the less leaves the reader wanting more and wondering if it is truly the end. A worthy read and well worth picking up.



Rating: 5/5 lifetimes



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