Review: Lightning Wolves by David Lee Summers

Originally posted January 18, 2019


It’s 1877 and Russians forces occupy the Pacific Northwest. They are advancing into California. New weapons have proven ineffective or dangerously unstable. The one man who can help has disappeared into Apache Country, hunting ghosts. A healer and a former sheriff lead a band into the heart of the invasion to determine what makes the Russian forces so unstoppable while a young inventor attempts to unleash the power of the lightning wolves.


Having enjoyed Owl Dance I very much expected I would enjoy returning to the Clockwork Legion universe of David Lee Summers.  I was not disappointed. I was happy to see what Ramon, Fatemeh, and friends were up to on their next adventure. We meet new heroes and villains before once again confronting the Russians and discovering why they continue to successfully take territory despite the outcome of the Battle of Denver.

Another thrilling read from David Lee Summers and a hearty recommendation from me.


Rating: 5/5 Lightning Guns


Until next time, See you among the stacks.



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