Book Review: Medusa Uploaded by Emily DevenportOriginally posted March 12, 2019


My name is Oichi Angelis, and I am a worm.


They see me every day. They consider me harmless. And that’s the trick, isn’t it?


A generation starship can hide many secrets. When an Executive clan suspects Oichi of insurgency and discreetly shoves her out an airlock, one of those secrets finds and rescues her.

Officially dead, Oichi begins to rebalance power one assassination at a time and uncovers the shocking truth behind the generation starship and the Executive clans.

I first heard of Emily Devenport when she was announce as the Local Author Guest of Honor for CoKoCon 2019. I was excited to have the opportunity to read something from a local author before having met her. I decided to read Medusa Uploaded since I was planning on having copies to sell at the convention. I was not disappointed in the least. Oichi is a lowly worker inhabiting the tunnels of the generation ship Olympia. After being caught in an execution attempt she is rescued by a sentient exoskeleton Medusa. Together Oichi and Medusa set about bringing massive change to the very power structure of Olympia. Throughout Oichi sets her own soundtrack from the vast music database her father implanted in her years before. We are guided through a web of intrigue that reveals the many deceptions that the workers have been told on the generation ship and the truth of where it is headed. It all concludes with a satisfactory conclusion that none the less leads beautifully into the next book Medusa in the Graveyard scheduled for release July 28th, 2019. I look forward to reading the next installment and seeing what is in store for Olympia and her passengers.


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Rating: 5 Exoskeletons



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