Book Review: Roar of Sky by Beth Cato


Originally posted October 30, 2018


Thanks to her geomantic magic, Ingrid has successfully eluded Ambassador Blum, the power-hungry kitsune who seeks to achieve world domination for the Unified Pacific. But using her abilities has taken its toll: Ingrid’s body has been left severely weakened, and she must remain on the run with her friends Cy and Fenris.


Hoping to learn more about her magical roots and the strength her bloodline carries, Ingrid makes her way across the Pacific to Hawaii, home to the ancient volcano goddess Madam Pele. What she discovers in this paradise is not at all what she expects—and perhaps exactly what she needs.


But Ambassador Blum comes from the same world of old magic and mythic power. And if Ingrid cannot defeat her once and for all, she knows Blum will use that power to take the lives of everyone she holds dear before escalating a war that will rip the world to pieces.


In a record pace of reading, I finished reading Roar of Sky in just a week’s time. Book 3 in the Blood of Earth Series by Beth Cato truly holds its own and is a wonderful conclusion to an amazing trilogy. Not sure what I can say that I have not said about the first two books except that it is an amazing conclusion to the story of Ingrid Carmichael and her friends. Beautifully written and very respectful of the cultures explored. I felt a definite reverence in the description and interactions with Madam Pele. I was saddened by the all to real depiction of the way many peoples have been treated by people who think themselves superior or more civilized. Full of wonder, joy and sadness while a thrilling conclusion I find myself a little sad to leave these amazing characters behind. Overall a tremendous trilogy and I look forward to seeing what new stories lie ahead from this fun and engaging author. I highly recommend all her books.


Rating: 5/5 Kitsune Tails


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