Book Review: The Black Tempest by Ryan Dalton

It’s summer in Emmett’s Bluff, and the ice is spreading. Six months after confronting an enemy from the future, Malcolm and Valentine Gilbert have returned to their normal teenage lives. Or, they’ve tried to. During the battle to save their town, a mysterious force awoke inside the twins. Time calls to them, and it’s growing too strong to be ignored.


When warriors from a mysterious ancient kingdom appear, they bring warnings of an unstoppable foe—one whose control of the ice is powered by Time itself. But ice is far more than the Black Tempest’s signature. As the twins uncover the truth behind it, they realize their town is only the beginning. If the Black Tempest is not stopped here, his corruption will threaten the very course of history.


As cold advances and doom draws near, the twins’ only hope lies in learning to wield Time itself, and in trusting their strange new friends—even if those friends have secrets of their own.

Originally posted July 8, 2019


I’m a firm believer that an author should continue to get better as they write more. Book 2 of The Time Shift Trilogy certainly lives up to that. Not only does it up the stakes over The Year of Lightning, it delves more into the characters and increases the emotional tug. While the main focus is of course on the twins Malcolm and Valentine, there is a nice amount of time spent with their friends. Lots of great moments of tension, emotion and surprises. Definitely a rare occasion where I think I like the 2nd book markedly more than the first. I managed to puzzle out some of the mystery yet was pleasantly shocked to find parts I had completely missed. I look forward to delving into the final book in the trilogy The Genesis Flame. I highly recommend these books.



Rating: 5/5 Ice Pillars


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