Book Review: The Disciple and Other Stories of the Paranormal by Gini Koch writing as Jemma Chase

A time-traveling vampire hunter. The search for the hottest place on Earth. A salvage hunter at the edge of the galaxy. A maze that grows more terrifying with each turn. And someone trapped in a deadly game of hide and seek. What do they have in common? Surprises, thrills, twists, romance, and danger, all within different realms of the paranormal. Strange Protection, Hotter Than Hell, Waiting, Amazing, and The Disciple – for the first time, these five short stories, novelettes, and novellas of the paranormal by Gini Koch writing as Jemma Chase are in one collection. These stories will introduce you to dangers and romance lurking around the corner, and show you the secret worlds and creatures just outside of everyday view. So come and enter the paranormal worlds of Jemma Chase. Just remember to bring a map to lead you back to your normal world, because the writer’s web is like a maze, and not all mazes have exits.


Originally published March 26, 2019


Back again with more from one of my favorite authors, Gini Koch. This time it’s the Jemma Chase collection: The Disciple and Other Stories. Noted Funny Girl sets aside the humor to bring us tantalizing stories of Vampires, Werewolves and things that go bump in the night. Another treasure of Gini Koch’s self-published works, The Disciple and Other Stories stands strong with any of her traditionally published works. I enjoyed every word in this book and was reminded that Gini has an almost hypnotic way with paranormal and dark fiction/horror. Nothing makes this so clear for me as the story Waiting about the salvage hunter at the edge of the galaxy, hands down my favorite of the entire collection. While a complete story as it is, it feels like a wonderful set-up for a science-fiction/horror story with potential to end in a very tragic manner for at least some. I was definitely left wanting more like this and think fans of paranormal stories will enjoy it, especially those not necessarily looking for the romance trappings that often comes with the genre.


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Rating: 5 Creatures of the Night


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