Welcome to the new Duncan's Books and More

Welcome to the new Duncan’s Books and More. If you’re a follower from our old site, we’re glad you found us again. If you’re new, then a hearty welcome and we hope you will enjoy what we present. Be sure to check out our brand new online store when you get a chance.

We lost our hosting for our previous site rather suddenly taking our entire site with it. We’re in the process of recovering what we can and will be posting it as we do. We hope you will pardon our “dust” as we work on getting this new space in shape. If you encounter a problem feel free to reach out through the contact form and let us know.

Remember, let’s be civil and talk about arts and entertainment on their own merits.  There are enough spaces to discuss or argue the world at large. We’re here to share our opinions on books, movies, and TV. If you want to follow Duncan’s art journey, that will be hosted on our new sister site www.bookwormarts.com. 

We hope you will enjoy our content and hope to guide you to new worlds of entertainment.

Until next time,

See you among the Stacks.

Duncan & Andrea

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