A Feast for Starving Stone by Beth Cato: Stunning Conclusion

Two countries at war. A delicious taste of magic. And a fierce princess comes of age in a rousing adventure by the author of A Thousand Recipes for Revenge.

Princess Solenn’s marriage into royalty should have unified the continental neighbors of Verdania and Solenn’s homeland of Braiz against a common enemy: the country of Albion. Thanks to Albion’s cunning sabotage, Verdania is now Braiz’s lethal rival. And the dead Braizian sailors washed ashore near Solenn’s château are just the beginning.

Arriving in the midst of danger, Ada Garland, rogue Chef to the Gods, is desperate to reunite with her daughter, Solenn. Not only has open war begun; it’s become heart-wrenchingly personal. Ada’s long-lost, beloved Braizian musketeer, Captain Erwan Corre, is being held in a Verdanian prison, with execution imminent. And her daughter has been tasked with the near-doomed responsibility of uniting violently adversarial countries in peace.

Can Solenn and Ada, coming together, stop their land from descending into all-out war? And what will Solenn become to achieve victory? As ambassador between the human and magical worlds, Solenn must now draw from both to prevent catastrophe, and this time, even the Gods are working against her.

In the second novel to The Chef of the Gods series, Beth Cato brings the series to a stunning conclusion as she weaves together both Ada and Solenn’s narrative in an evocative and dynamic story. What is especially engaging is that each woman must find a way to fight the battle before them in their own unique way. They may have assistance but each must find the strength within themselves to rise to the challenge. 

I love that this is written from the female perspective. I also like that despite Solenn cutting out her tongue, it does not limit her. She finds ways to have her voice, to pursue diplomacy and navigate war in her own fashion, rising to unexpected heights as she embraces her power. 

The story is incredibly engaging as it deals with intrigue and war, including the capture of Erwan and Ada’s quest to free him from captivity. I love the kin and how each has their own special abilities, especially the Camargo and the dragon Queen. I also love how the cats have their own place in the story. It is a tiny element but they bring delight to the story. 

If you loved the first book, “A Thousand Recipes for Revenge”, you will love A Feast for Starving Stone. It deals with the Gods in unusual ways and with unexpected mercies. The characters are incredible and the story brings us a stunning conclusion to the series. 

Rating: 5 out of 5 dragon flights

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