“Godslayers” by Zoe Hana Mikuta: Thrilling and Enthralling

The only way to kill a god is from the inside…


The Gearbreakers struck a devastating blow against Godolia on Heavensday, but the cost of victory has been steep. Months later, the few rebels who’ve managed to escape the tyrannical empire’s bloody retribution have fled to the mountains, hunted by the last Zenith―Godolia’s only surviving leader.


Eris has been held prisoner since the attack on the capital city, which almost killed her. And she begins to wish it had when she discovers Sona―the girl she loves, the girl she would tear down cities for―also survived, only to be captured and corrupted by the Zenith. The cybernetic brainwashing that Sona has forcibly undergone now has her believing herself a loyal soldier for Godolia, and Eris’ mortal enemy.


With the rebellion shattered and Godolia moving forward with an insidious plan to begin inducting Badlands children into a new Windup Pilot program, the odds have never been more stacked against the Gearbreakers. Their last hope for victory will depend on whether Eris and Sona can somehow find their way back to each other from opposite sides of a war…

What is so thrilling about this series and this book in particular are the relationships and the complications.  For me, I adored Gearbreakers so I was super excited for the sequel. I did consider for a brief moment if it would rise to the same heights as that first book but I should have known better. “Godslayers” is as brilliant as “Gearbreakers”, thrilling and enthralling. 

There are many reasons “Godslayers” is such a great work of fiction. First, there are giant robots which I can’t get enough of but I also like the thought process into taking down the giants. I also like the depiction of the war and how both sides have held onto anger and hate. Nobody is painted as the good guy but what does happen is that the heartbreakers, especially Eris, are tired of fighting this war. They want to find a way to end it and they can only do so with Sona’s help. It also shows rather brutally the price of war on leaders and soldiers alike. 

I also appreciate the diversity of characters. While the author doesn’t delve into depth on everyone, we get enough to see the differences and personalities of not only the main characters but also the secondaries, all are different and all solidly written. This is a rich story with a wonderful exploration of the world, complex characters, and a ton of thrilling action, especially when it comes time to take down a God.  

If you are a fan of Pacific Rim or the old animated films of giant robots and you also love untraditional romances, this is the series to pick up. If you haven’t read “Gearbreakers”, give it a try and then read “Godslayers” for the rest of the story. Each book is thrilling and enthralling with a cast of wonderful characters who I fell in love with, especially Eris and Sona. “Godslayers” is as brilliant as “Gearbreakers”, thrilling and enthralling with a gorgeous love story and thoughtful look at the price of war. 

Rating: 5 out of 5 gloves

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