In the Midst of Omens by Nicole Bailey: Visceral and Emotional

A king determined to be remembered for all time…
A jealous goddess who desires his throne.

King Gilgamesh rules the world’s preeminent city, the jewel of creation, Uruk.

But that is not enough. His desire for legacy consumes him and drives his ceaseless ambition—until the gods step in.

Their solution? Enkidu—a man with no past.

Enkidu captivates and frustrates Gilgamesh, drawing the king’s attention from eternity. He’s the perfect solution—for everyone except the goddess Inanna.

She has her own plans in place for Gilgamesh’s future until Enkidu’s arrival sabotages them.

No one spurns a goddess and gets away with it. Not even the king.

Especially not the king.

In the Midst of Omens by Nicole Bailey is visceral, emotional and powerful. Pulling on the legend of Gilgamesh and Enkidu, it tells a tale that brings the legends to life, adding complexity and humanity to the stirring tale. As soon as I began reading the novel, I was drawn in by the voices of Gilgamesh and Enkidu, the emotions stirring and their voices powerful.

One of the elements I loved the best is the real human emotions that Nicole Bailey explores, the pressures of being a king but adding in the supernatural elements of the gods and goddesses. The story also explores the dynamic between Gilgamesh and Enkidu believably, adding in the romance in a realistic manner and demonstrating the close bond between the two. While it would have been fantastic to get the full legend in one book, I like that the book is only part one of the story because it allows room to develop the relationship and adds complexity. I can’t wait for the second half. 

If you like stories of legends and gods, this is the novel for you. It takes the legend of Gilgamesh and breathes life into the narrative, adds complexity and emotion, while adhering to the supernatural and historical elements. Nicole Bailey is true to the essence of the legend while giving us a visceral and emotional story that is realistic even with the more fantastical notes. It is powerful and romantic. 

Rating: 5 out of 5 fights

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