Of Claws and Fangs by Faith Hunter: Diverse and Insightful

Collected together for the first time, this volume contains shorter works featuring heroines Jane Yellowrock and Nell Ingram, as well as a host of other characters from the Jane Yellowrock and Soulwood series. Faith Hunter is “an expert at creating worlds filled with intriguing supernatural elements and exciting scenarios”* and her skills are on full display in this collection. From a vampire-filled Halloween evening in New Orleans to the searing tale of how a certain were-leopard first got his spots, this collection has something for everyone, and each story is sure to put the super in supernatural.


With eighteen stories in all, Of Claws and Fangs will enrich and entertain—it’s a must-have for Faith Hunter’s readers and all lovers of fantasy.

One of the things I like best about a collection of short stories is how diverse and insightful the stories can be. With Faith Hunter’s collection, you get a lot of extra insight into secondary characters and even if you don’t know all the characters that well, they are still engaging. I did find it helpful that I was familiar with her work already, especially the Jane Yellowrock series. Many of the characters were already known to me and I found it especially intriguing to get the inner thoughts of some of the multitude of characters from her worlds. 

One of the skills Faith Hunter brings to the table is that her characters and her stories resonate and engage you quickly, even more so with these short stories. They are full of interesting dynamics, compelling characters, and humor, all in just the right doses. Each story has a quick pace and heart that will keep you interested whether you know the characters or the world. 

While these stories in particular are most going to be enjoyed by fans of Faith Hunter’s writing and those familiar with her series, if you want a way to introduce yourself to her worlds and her characters this is a wonderful way to check them out. You get short stories with heart, that are diverse and insightful, and full of resonance. If you love Faith Hunter’s other work, you may find this a must read as it does give greater depth to her world and her characters.


Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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