Out and About: Tempe Fancon

As we all know, the Pandemic has made a big impact on everyone but as a bookstore that relies on in person events to sell our signed author editions, we’ve been hit hard. There have been few events, even small ones, for us to sell at. There were a few in the latter half of the year and now, we are super excited to be going back to one of our favorite events, Tempe Fancon. 

Tempe Fancon will be this Saturday, January 29th from 10am to 4pm. Just as in previous years before the great Pause, there will be costume contests, authors, artists, shopping, and food. Luckily, Tempe Fancon is outside so is likely to be a bit safer for folks to attend this celebration of pop culture. We’ll have our masks and vaccinations so will take all the precautions to keep those around us safe…just in case. 

Previous years Fancon’s were exciting, fun, and full of activity. Duncan’s Books and More will be there selling both our signed books as well as Duncan’s artist creations, his critters, dragons, cats, and others. We have my handmade bookmarks as well as metal bookmarks. We even will have a few new items that you’ll have to come out to see. And we will be partnered with authors at the event, selling their books, like Natsuya Uesuga. Just like Fancon, we will have a celebration of all pop culture and look forward to seeing you all out there.  

Wear your costumes and be a home for a good book, critter, or bookmark.  There will be fun and festivity for all. 

See you among the stacks!

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