Rift in the Soul by Faith Hunter: Compelling Story

Nell Ingram draws her powers from deep in the earth, and uses them to help Psy-LED, the Psychometric Law Enforcement Division, which solves paranormal crimes. When a local vampire calls to report a dead body on her compound, Nell knows she and her team have to be ready for anything.

But the dead body is just the beginning of a mystery that involves supernaturals of all kinds, including some of the most powerful vampires in the country. As Nell gets closer to the truth, she begins to understand that the perpetrator is tracking her too—and that there is something personal about this crime. Something with roots that go almost as deep as those in Soulwood.

In this sixth book in the Soulwood novel series, Faith Hunter continues with her superlative writing and has created a compelling story. The book picks up right from the previous books in the series, continuing the growth of Nell and her powers. Faith Hunter doesn’t lose a beat as she blends together elements of this series with her Jane Yellowrock series, allowing readers to see another aspect of the universe. 

One of the reasons the story is so compelling is the growth in Nell, both as she comes into her power, embracing her abilities, facing her roots with her family and taking ownership as an officer. I love that the dilemma in the novel touches on Nell’s family and its history, how that history impacts the conflict and how Nell embraces that history, realizes more of her powers. I also love her relationship and friendships, each developing further from the previous books in the series. The ending is especially impactful.

If you like urban fantasy and are already a reader of this series, you will love how much Nell grows. If you haven’t, I would give this series a chance. Nell is an unusual character and the narrative is a compelling story, full of intrigue, drama, and personal impact to Nell. I loved how the story developed and ultimately, I love how the ending brings a close to one chapter in Nell’s life. 

Rating: 5 out of 5 trees. 

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