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Tuskers IV: Rise of the Cloven


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Civilization has collapsed. The zombie virus, on top of the destruction of the fragile human infrastructure, has devastated the population. Three surviving groups emerge out of the chaos: In the north, a zombie horde led by the Tusker, Napoleon, has vowed to return and kill the last uninfected humans; in the south, a heavily armed band of humans has vowed to wipe out the Tuskers; and stuck in the middle lies the small desert town of Carver. Unaware of the impending struggle, Carver is a small community of human and Tusker children, raised together, taught to accept each other, and doing their best to survive the ‘Aporkcalypse,’ while feverishly trying to discover a cure to the virus. Inevitably, as the Tusker and human armies converge, the small community must find a way to survive. Even more, they must find a way to end the conflict before both species are destroyed.

Weight 9.6 oz
Dimensions 5.5 × 0.8 × 8.5 in


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