What Happened in the Cove


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Although Bria had escaped from her abusive past, life in the States was still empty. She thought her horrible life would be finally over, by her own hands. Thrust into a life he never asked for, losing everything he had once held dear, Freyn, who resembles an exotic bird, must find his way in a hostile universe he never knew existed after escaping his captors. Their unexpected meeting in an abandoned amusement park changes both, but can they survive? This is a fairy tale that rejects the traditional tropes of masculine and feminine in favor of pure fantasy and escape for readers who are ultrasensitive to violence, upset, and reminders of traditional mores. Theirs is a story of healing from abuse, of finding new hope in strange places, of exploring their cultures and spirituality, and of reconciling their past with what they learn together.

Signed by Author

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