My Daughter’s Best Friend is a Troll


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My 15-year-old daughter Jennifer’s best friend is a troll. I’m not joking. Tranyt is a real honest-to-goodness troll. Despite her appearance and size, she’s nice. Actually, a bit shy. Okay, until you get her into a boulder-tossing competition, then – duck! Since her parents’ death, and without other family, she’s been bounced from one foster home to another until I finally said “enough.” She now lives with us.

You would think as it’s been over three years since the dimensional rip opened between our world and the fantastical world of Beyond which allowed all kinds of supernatural beings to live among us, things have settled and life is normal. But, no. Recently, a number of businesses owned by trolls have been vandalized and the harassment is escalating. Suddenly, an elderly female troll has shown up at my house and claims to be Tranyt’s grandmother.

I wonder if the rumor Tranyt’s parents discovered the Lost Dutchman gold mine might be the reason behind all this.

Signed by Author

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