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H.A.L.F.: The Makers (Book 2)

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Signed By Author.

We’ve seen grey aliens on T.V. and in movies. We may think we know all about them. But what if everything we think we know is wrong?
Erika Holt dodged death and departed Earth in an alien ship. It wasn’t how she’d planned to spend her senior year. Is Erika on her way to paradise? Or to a hell worse than the underground lab she escaped?
The greys rescued Tex from A.H.D.N.A. and promised him a life he could never have imagined. But what will he have to give up to become one with The Conexus?
Jack Wilson is still Commander Sturgis’ prisoner, but a promise of freedom comes from an unlikely source. Will his liberation cost more than he’s willing to pay?
Caught up in their personal battles and focused on our war with the grey aliens, will any of them realize the true threat that looms over us all before it’s too late?

Weight 17.12 oz
Dimensions 6 × 0.82 × 9 in


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