Right Now I’m Happy


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An autobiography in verse.

Terribly pretentious drivel.

If you don’t buy this, that’s fine. Much as I like money, I also looked forward to reading poetry in school as much as I enjoyed a trip to the doctor. Run now! Be free! It’s a trap!

This is also the brutally, painfully, terribly honestly most honest window into the soul of an abuse survivor. I was a child living in hell when I wrote half of this, and I was homeless (couch surfing) for a great chunk of the middle and end. It’s a great catharsis, but in it there is also beauty. I’ve never been content to let the world make me a monster, so I put my soul in ink form and clung to it until I could live on my own two feet. It’s terrifying to let you look at this.

So walk away now.

You’ve been warned.

Signed by Author

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