“Frida”: Beautiful and Powerful

There are visionary artists that come about once in a generation. Frida Kahlo is one of those artists. Having a love of art, I was very interested in this documentary of the famous painter, wondering how the artist would be portrayed and how faithful the film would be. After watching the movie, I found the […]

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They Shot the Piano Player: Unique Style

I was curious about this film when I heard about it, mostly because it features Jeff Goldblum as a journalist. After watching the animated celebration of the Latin musical movement the Bossa Nova, I was stunned by the unique style of the docudrama as it uncovers the truth behind the mysterious disappearance of young Brazilian

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“Silver Dollar Road”: Family Loss

When I saw the trailer for “Silver Dollar Road”, I was immediately pulled into the plight of the Reels family and wanted to know more. While it is a difficult story to see, after watching the film, I better understand the struggle of the family and how their plight is the same one many other

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