The Underdoggs: Snoop Dogg Inspires

When I saw the trailer for this film, I was certainly intrigued. The film stars Snoop Dogg and he is certainly a character. The film definitely looked like it was meant to be funny. Once I watched the movie, I found it fun, willing to laugh at itself, changed up some of the existing tropes […]

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“Role Play”: Humorous Situations

I was very curious about this film that stars Kaley Cuoco and David Oyelowo. While it’s a premise that’s been seen before, typically the unsuspecting spouse is the female. In this film, the spy is played by Kaley with David Oyelowo playing the trusting husband. While much of the film is what you expect, there

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“Candy Cane Lane”: Hilarious Holiday Film

I have always admitted that I am a sucker for good Christmas films. I especially like ones that are a bit different or are funny. I also have always liked Eddie Murphy. “Candy Cane Lane” combines the two, bringing us Eddie Murphy as his most charming along with an equally funny cast to create a

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“Silver Dollar Road”: Family Loss

When I saw the trailer for “Silver Dollar Road”, I was immediately pulled into the plight of the Reels family and wanted to know more. While it is a difficult story to see, after watching the film, I better understand the struggle of the family and how their plight is the same one many other

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“The Burial”: All About Legacy

I was excited when I saw the cast of “The Burial”, even before I saw the trailers. With Jamie Foxx and Tommy Lee Jones, I held high hopes for the performances in this film. With a story that was inspired by true events, I thought the story sounded intriguing. After watching the film, I found

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“Totally Killer”: Totally Fun

In “Totally Killer”, the film combines time travel with a serial killer, sending the heroine to the eighties to try to save her mother. The trailers and premise made me want to watch the movie, especially since it seemed to promise the campy fun of the eighties. After watching the movie on Amazon Prime, I

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Kubo and The Two Strings: Sweeping and Immersive

Back when “Kubo and the Two Strings” was released, I had the chance to review it. While it is no longer streaming, it is available on Amazon and the DVD can be bought. With that being the case, I wanted to revisit this beautiful, animated film and tell you what I thought about it at

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First Look Candy Cane Lane

From Prime Video is the first Look of Candy Cane Lane courtesy of Frost Communications. Celebrate the Holidays With Us!  Candy Cane Lane Premieres Exclusively on Prime Video Globally on December 1, 2023 Eddie Murphy is coming to town, bringing his trademark comedic chops to his first holiday film! Audiences will experience the holiday magic come to life,

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First Look Maxine’s Baby: The Tyler Perry Story

From Amazon Studios, courtesy of our friends at Frost Communications, comes the first look at Maxine’s Baby: The Tyler Perry Story to Stream Globally on Prime Video Beginning November 17. Writer, actor, filmmaker, studio head and media titan, Tyler Perry, is America’s consummate multihyphenate. But underneath this entertainment behemoth is a man working humbly to

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“Cassandro”: Influential Icon

I was curious about Cassandro from the trailers. Living in Arizona, I’ve heard about Luchador and I always liked the idea of the spectacle of it all. What made me curious about Cassandro was wondering how he became a Luchador and whether the film would be as exciting as the trailers appeared. I was also

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