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The Authority (The Charismatics Volume 2)


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The award-winning The Charismatics series continues…

A kidnapped advocate. A growing army. A looming threat from the spiritual realm.

Duchess Ambrose Killaher has just lost everything: Roan was stolen by the psychopath Evelyn Smyle, countless others died in the zeppelin’s crash, and she’s number one on Legalia’s hit list. As she heads to Exodus’s headquarters, Ambrose prepares to meet her fellow Charismatics and beg for their assistance in saving Roan. But when reports come in that Legalia’s experiments are moving forward, Ambrose is faced with a hellish decision—to pursue Roan by herself, or help recruit an army to take down the reigning government.

Navigating tensions with her boyfriend, ghostly visions of her dead handmaiden, and a disturbing evil growing within, Ambrose struggles to maintain her sanity as the truth grows ever clearer: that she may be the Authority prophesied to deliver the end of an age.

Praise for The Charismatics, also available on Amazon:

“Somehow this book seems to have slipped through the net, and we felt that it deserves a chance to be seen, as it reads like a truly commercial work with original and enchanting touches while remaining an adult book – the main character is married instead of being a teen with her parents, and this is what brings an unusual palette worth reading. An accessible and gripping story.” -Self-Publishing Review’s First Prize in Fiction Award 2015

“The grand prize goes to Ashley because of her beautiful presentation and intricate story writing, using a popular Steampunk theme that is somewhere between The Golden Compass and The Hunger Games.” -Self-Publishing Review’s Grand Prize Award 2015

“‘The Charismatics’ is a top-notch read and I recommend it highly. I would also suggest putting Ms. Carlson on your watch list – a talent like this is hard to ignore. I think we’ll be seeing a lot of her in the years to come.” -reader’s review

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Weight 16.96 oz
Dimensions 5 × 0.93 × 8 in


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