Lady in Glass and other Stories by Anne Bishop: Dark and Thoughtful

A magical collection of stories new and old spanning across all of Anne Bishop’s most beloved fantasy worlds.

Here, together for the first time, the shorter works of New York Times bestselling fantasy author Anne Bishop are included in one dazzling volume.

A master of bringing fantasy worlds to life, this collection showcases Bishop’s impressive range, from rarities of her earliest writing to the Realms of the Blood, from darker fairytale retellings to the Landscapes of Ephemera, and from standalone stories of space exploration and fantastical creatures to the contemporary fantasy terrain of the World of the Others.

In reading Lady in Glass and other Stories by Anne Bishop, I found the overall story collection dark and thoughtful with a wonderful variety of stories. Each story was intriguing, offering little snippets of Anne Bishop’s various worlds. The fairytale stories were completely unlike others I’ve read, offering a different perspective and compelling narratives. Each story in the collection has amazing depth and complexity. I am hard pressed to pick a favorite but can share that while I did love the fairytale stories, the one story that still resonates with me is a unique spin on zombies, in a story full of unexpected turns and an unusual mystery. The last story in the anthology, The Day Will Come, is a powerful story that is the perfect end to the collection.

If you love Anne Bishop and want to collect all her short stories in one place, here is a great way to do so. If you like her work but haven’t read all of the novels yet, this is a wonderful book to pick up with stories that might not require as great an investment in time. I love that I get a beautiful sense of Anne’s writing style and her worlds even if I haven’t read all the novels yet. Most especially the stories are dark and thoughtful, just perfect for lovers of dark fantasy.

Rating: 5 out of 5 

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