Pulling the Wings off Angels by K.J. Parker: Thought Provoking

Long ago, a wealthy man stole an angel and hid her in a chapel, where she remains imprisoned to this day.

That’s the legend, anyway.

A clerical student who’s racked up gambling debts to a local gangster is given an ultimatum—deliver the angel his grandfather kidnapped, or forfeit various body parts in payment.

And so begins a whirlwind theological paradox—with the student at its center—in which the stakes are the necessity of God, the existence of destiny—and the nature of angels.

Pulling the Wings off Angels by K.J. Parker is thought provoking and creates a dialogue on the nature of God, destiny and the nature of angels. In the compelling narrative, the main character will intrigue you, the concept is unique and the premise fantastic. What I loved most were the theological theories, in particular on mercy versus justice. The main characters are absolutely engaging, complex, and unique individuals. None of them are good but all of them have a particular purpose in the theological dilemma the author presents. It is rare to find characters that are supremely likable despite having few redeeming characteristics. 

For me, I think the reason the story is so compelling is because it involves a real person with a real dilemma. Even though the theological paradox is a type of logic puzzle, the conclusion will make you reconsider your point of view. And ultimately the ending is as engaging as the introduction. The action and the characters will keep you involved while the narrative and the paradox will keep you thinking. If you like your fantasy thought provoking and you want to think about the nature of God and angels, I truly recommend you check out this novel. I found it most interesting and the solution to the paradox creative. 

Rating: 5 out of 5 wings.

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